Lirik dan Chord Lagu Touch The Sky ~ Avril Lavigne

Intro: D

D                  Dsus4   D
Used to carry this big old world
G               A   D
on my shoulders and back
  D             Dsus4   D
I used to lie inside my room
G         A          D
wondering where I am at
  D                    Dsus4      D
I felt a chill running through my veins
    G         A          D
And wondered, would I be saved?
  D                     Dsus4 D
I felt the ice building in my soul
G        A    D
Would it melt away?


G      Dsus4 D
He's a warm breeze
 G        A         D
Breathing life into me
G        Dsus4 D
He's the sunlight
G       A       D
Shining down on me

  D                Dsus4 D
I used to worry my life away
G           A  D
Counting every dime
D                Dsus4  D
Shutting out the ones I loved
G     A           D
Never finding the time

    D                  Dsus4 D
And then one day I was overcome
   G          A   D
By loneliness and despair

    D             Dsus4     D
And deep inside I thought I heard
 G       A       D
"Lean on me, I'm here"

(Repeat Chorus)

  D                      Dsus4  d
I pulled the burden from off my back
    G              A   D
And tossed it into the wind
    D                 Dsus4      D
And stretched my arms toward the sky
    G      A    D
And let my life begin
    D                   Dsus4    D
And like a tree, I have measured up
G                   A   D
Best when I've been cut down

And like a tree, I can touch the sky

With my feet on the ground

(Repeat Chorus Twice)



G       A       D
Shining down on me
G       A     Bm      G
Shining down, shining down
Em      A       D
Shining down on me
C G  Bb A D
     hoo  hoo.