Lirik dan Chord Lagu Move Your Little Self On ~ Avril Lavigne

G     Em      F     C
  Hey yeah Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohoho (x2)

Verse 1:
Em-Em5-Em9           A/C#
          I will move my little self on
Em-Em5-Em9           A/C#
          it won't be very much longer
Em-Em5-Em9            A/C#
          one day soon he will find me
Em-Em5-Em9           A/c#
          I know this 'cause I believe

(Repeat Pre Verse)

Em-Em5-Em9        A/C#
          If I get to know myself better
Em-Em5-Em9         A/C#
          I will be a little less stronger
Em-Em5-Em9              A/C#
          I won't forget everything you told me
Em-Em5-Em9          A/c#                 C
          yea I miss, the way you'd hold me
the words you told me

       G                             Em
Things happen for a reason, you'll become a stronger person
          F                         C          G
when life tears you up, then you'll understand
it's never easy, but you'll know when you get there
      F                  C             Em
as it tears you down, it builds you up
well, it built you up

(Repeat Pre-Verse)

Verse 2:
Em-Em5-Em9                A/C#
           Some girls fall, just like I did
Em-Em5-Em9                      A/C#
           they break our hearts, should've broke his
Em-Em5-Em9                A/C#
           get yourself up, strut along further,
Em-Em5-Em9          A/C#            C
           my advice, you can do better
just say whatever

(Repeat Chorus)

Em   C
  It buit you up

      Em                 A/C#
Well, you said you would love me forever
      Em                A/C#
well, blablablablablablabla
Em               A/C#
you should maybe watch what you're saying
Em   D    C
why, why, why

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Em   C
  It buit you up