Ari feat Rifka Rachman

Let me take you in my arms
I’m gonna show you places that you’ll love
I know it’s not a dreamer’s paradise
So close your eyes and hold me tight
Because there never will be turnin’ back
Let our love become as one
Let it bound until the end of time

I just wanna get this straight
I really want for you to know
That I wanna make it last
I’d like to share my rest of life
My love and all that I can give with you
And only you

Let me hear you… sayin’ I do
Let me hear it comin’ out from your love
Let me know you’re… sayin’ I do
Let me know I’m gonna spend eternity
Makin’ love to you each night and day

Now tell me are you ready now
To go reveal the future of our live
Together you and I will be sharing sadness
Laughter happily

Let me say it right out loud, let me make it clear for you
Im gonna make it last, You’re the one I wanna take
Along the journey I wanna make,
So will you… will you be mine