Avenged Sevenfold

E5           A5        G5        D5        E5  
He who makes a beast out of himself,
E5      A5        G5      D5     E5
gets rid of the pain of being a man
E5 A5 G5 D5
E5       G5  A5    B5     A5      G5    D5      A5       B5
Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay.
E5        G5        E5                        G5
I trie-ie-ied to drive all through the night,
E5                                      G5   E5                   G5
the heat stroke ridden weather, the barren empty sights.
E5  F#5-G5-E5  F35 G5  B5
No oasis here to see,
       B5 F5  A5-B5   G5-A5    G5   F#5  E5
the sand is singing deathless words to me.

E5                                      A5       G5         D5
Can't you help me as I'm startin' to burn (all alone).
D5                                     G5       F#5            E5
Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction.
E5                                      A5      G5        D5
My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone).
D5                                 G5          F#5                           E5
No one can save me and you know I don't want the attention.

E5        G5 E5                         G5    E5               G5
As Ie-ie-ie adjust to my new sights the rarely tired lights
E5                             G5
will take me to new heights.
E5                           G5   E5               G5
My hand is on the trigger I'm ready to ignite.
E5                                 G5  E5
Tomorrow might not make it but everything's all right.
E5     F#5-G5-E5 F#5-G5-B5 
Mental fiction follows me;   
B5   F5 A5-B5  G5-A5     G5  F#5  E5
show me what it's like to be set free.

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G   A  D         F#                              G
So sorry you're not here I've been sane too long
F#                       G
my vision's so unclear.
G      A     D            F#                 G
Now take a trip with me but don't be surprised
  F#                                            G
when things aren't what they seem.

E5        G5 A5      B5    A5      G5   D5       A5       B5
Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay.
E5        G5    A5    B5          A5   G5 D5    A5     B5
These eyes won't see the same, after I flip today.

               E5 G5 3X
               E5 A5 G5 D5 4X
               E5 F5 G5 F5 E5
               E5 A5 F#5 G5 F#5 G5 D5 G5 2X
               C5-A5 B5-G5 A5 G5 F#5 D5 B5-G5 C5 A5

E5                                 G5 E5                         G5
Sometimes I don't know why we'd rather live than die,
E5                                G5  E5
we look up towards the sky for answers to our lives.
E5                                G5  E5                         G5
We may get some solutions but most just pass us by,
E5                              G5   E5
don't want your absolution cause I can't make it right.
A5                      G5         E5
I'll make a beast out of myself,
A5           G5             C5 B5 G5  B5 F#5 E5
gets rid of all the pain of being a maaaaaan

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G   A  D         F#                              G
I've known it from the start all these good ideas
F#                       G
will tear your brain apart.
G   A  D         F#                              G
Scared but you can follow me I'm too weird to live
F#                       G
but much too rare to die.