Well i woke up this morning
and the night had been so long
its seems that i have had my mind on you
well the day
it has begun
and i just can't get a minute
cant get a minute
without you

oh yeah
your always on my mind
your always in my head a
and i can't live
i can't live another day without you
cause when the minutes seem like hours
and the hours seem like days
when a week goes by you know it take my breath away
all the minutes in the world could never take your place
there's 1,440 hours in my day

I've been trying to call you
all day
cause i've got so many things that i wanna say
ohhhhh yeah
i'm going crazy
cause all my thoughts are filled with you
there's got to be some way i can get through to you


Wel i can't keep myself from thinking 'bout you
it's becasue i love you
and i know that it's true
calling desperation
can't you see it in my eyes
that i want to be with you
til the sun falls from the sky

(Chorus 2x)