The Police

Your beauty pulses like a distant star
Once you were so near to me and now you've gone so far
Wretched and asphyxed the word is in his stone
(Rigid and as fixed, the words, as any stone?)
Lying now -no move, nor speak no statue here alone
(Lying now, don't move or speak ... alone?)
Living here just with a memory
A simple recollection that's so dear to me
You said it's logical that we should part
What's pleasing to my intellect, must surely break my heart

Man will always want what he can't have
It's more than he can do just to be brave
He seeks perfection in a thousand ways
Just throw another shovel on his grave

Born to live
Born to die
Born to wonder
Why, why, why, why

If you there
Would you leave me wondering
If you there
I am one man under (I am one man only?)
If you there
Don't leave me wondering
If you there

You say that all we have is what we see
Baby, all you understand is a little part of me
You said that I could never be the one
Promises evaporate in the angle of the sun
If the only certain thing is death
Walk a little nearer to it now with every breath
And if this time must wear a velvet glove
Then kindness and lies are the true friends of love