The Police

Four firemen scrambled aboard their engine
and raced five miles
blue and amber lights flashing
Emergency call from the army
But a surprise...
was waiting when they got there
The bathroom of the sergeant's mess
was covered with water (covered with water)
Their orders were to mop it up
and put it in order (put it in order)

The friends of the army fire brigade
came out in sympathy
We didn't join to mop the floors
or right the IMP...
They still had to do their jobs
and throw the book at you
You can't believe it's true

On questioned why they refused to do it
they each replied
"This is how I see it
The first one to answer was Henry
"I could work." The others felt the same way
They all agreed it wasn't fair
We shouldn't be made to (shouldn't be made to)
It really is the principle
We should remain true to (should remain true to)

They fought through two world wars, you see
with hand and tooth and fist
Now William said he'd never stand
for treatment such as this...
They still had to lose their jobs
and now they've been suspended
(The story isn't ended) The story isn't ended