Vertical Horizon

So God, why you want to play with me
Can't you see I'm tumbling down
A little like your favorite toy
Boy I'm tired of being thrown around

So you lead me through this life of
Complication and delusion
So you drop it in my lap and
Slap me back towards confusion

When it's so hard to decide
Whether to live or to die
In this destiny

Tell me, what would you say
If at the end of the day
It was just you and me

Smile away the fears that only seem to
Try and run me 'round
So you opened up the door
Then the floor came crumbling down

And I've only one or two dreams
There worth losing
But they're unraveling
Traveling down the road to ruin

And the harder I try
The more I slip and I slide
Through this fantasy

Oh, all by myself
I need your help
To perservere

The same conclusions always greet me at my door
So, wouldn't it be nice to fade away
And maybe one day you will show me what went wrong
So, how did I become the unchosen one

So when the rain is just around my corner
Throw some sunshine down my way
And I'll hit you with a smile
All the while my worries melt away

So won't you show me a sign
As I continue to climb
Up this reality

Oh, all by myself
I need your help
To perservere