Vertical Horizon

Well I saw a young man by a telephone
He was sitting alone in the rain
I said, "Hey, young man what you doing there?"
And he said, "Sir, I'm going insane"
Said, "Sir, I'm going insane

"See I love an American beauty
But nobody here understands"
Then he looked to the sky with resentment in his eyes
And said, "Lord, why am I in Japan?
O Lord, why am I in Japan?"

Then he told me a story 'bout yesterday
When he walked in the search of a friend
But nobody came to his rescue
And he came to his bitter end

He pulled me close and said
"They all stopped and stared
As I walked down the street all alone
So nobody knew my name
So nobody knew my name"

I said, "Young man I know where you're going
And young man I know where you've been
For I've been in this land for a lifetime, it seems
Now I'm never to come back again
No, I'm never to come back again

So I turned and I gave him my blessing
And I left him alone in the rain
But I had to just stop and laugh at myself
Still nobody knows my name...
Still nobody knows my name...

Nobody knows my name...
(Nobody knows my name)
Nobody knows my name...
(Nobody knows)
My name... oh, now, now

Onamae wa Kanedesu
(Nobody knows my name)
Nihongo dekimasu
(Nobody knows my name)
Keo digaku no Kanedesu, tomoshimasu
Domo, domo, domo
Mama naku ichi ganzen ni denshyaga, maerimasu
Nihon ni kaimasendeshita...
America ga di, di, di skidesu

Alright, alright, yeah-yeah-yeah