Contoh Surat Penawaran Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berikut ini contoh surat penawaran dalam bahasa Inggris. Kerangka surat ini hanya contoh kasar, yang bisa diubah atau dikembangkan sesuai keperluan.

jenis usaha perusahaan
alamat lengkap perusahaan
nomor telepon perusahaan

No: __________     ____ (tanggal) ____

alamat lengkap
kota dan kode pos

Dear Mr/Ms,

We enclose a copy of the newest catalogue, introducing our new products. Perhaps you can take study our catalogue and estimate your next order. This would be of great assistance to us in adjusting and ensure deliveries for you.

You can see that our new prices are slightly higher, but this is offset by market improvements. We have completely reorganized the supply side of our business and have supplies available to fulfill market needs.

The catalogue incorporates an Order Form and also an application form. You can use it to make an order.

Yours faithfully,

tanda tangan
(nama lengkap)