Hey Matt!
Hey Tim!
Hey, you talked to Mark lately?
I haven't really talked to him,
But he looks pretty... down
He looks pretty... down?

Yeah, well maybe we should cheer him up then?
What do you suppose we should do?
Well, does he like butter tarts?

I was lying on the grass
Of Sunday morning of last week
Indulging in my self defeat
My mind was thugged all laced and bugged
All twisted wrong in beat
A comfortable three feet deep

Now the fuzzy stare from not being there
I confused the morning week
Impaired my tribal lunar-speak

And of course you can't become
If you only say what you would have done
So I missed a million miles of fun

I know, it's up for me
(If you steal my sunshine)
Making sure I'm not in too deep
(If you steal my sunshine)
Keeping versed and on my feet
(If you steal my sunshine)

Check, c'mere, c'mere, c'mere!
Wow! look at her!
I know!
I've never seen Sharon looks so bad before
I did once before, but this is pretty bad
Wow! what you think she got up to last night?
Karen! I love you!

I  was lying on the bench slide in the park
Across the street
L, A, T, E, R that week
My sticky paws were in to making straws
Out of big fat slurpy treats
An incredible 8 foot heap

Now the funny glare to pay a gleaming tare
In a staring under heat
Involved an under usual feet

And I'm not only among
But I invite who I wanna come
So I missed a million miles of fun

(Repeat Chorus)

I know, it's done for me
(If you steal my sunshine)
Lonesome ain't hard to see
(If you steal my sunshine)
Keeping dumb in (bitter) beat
(If you steal my sunshine)

My sunshine, If you steal my sunshine
(Repeat until end)