I Know it was just a short time affair
But i didn't know that you would stay on my mind
The sweet little voice, i just can't ignore
Tellin' me that you're the one for me
So i am...

Waitin' till i know it's the right time
When you wanna give you're lovin' away
I'm so down for you, girl you know it's true
That there ain't a thing you ask i would not do

Just thinkin' 'bout how good it could be
If we got together for more than just one night
Gets me so excited that i can't see
No one else inside my head but you
You know that i'll be

'Coz to be the man that you call for
When you wanna give your love to someone
I'll do almost anything to have you here with me
That's why
I'll do anything baby
So rite, so rite, so rite, so rite

Hey baby, baby baby where you at ?
You know i'll get'cha anyway and that's a fact
It's only half past two, i've got my mind on you
Know tell me what'cha gonna do ?
Just 'bout the time i was crushing down town in my car
and there you were callin' on my sellular
So baby what'up ? i gotta do my job
Hommie, just want stop so you better give it up
Just like ronaldo, you know he's gonna score
When i knock on your door, discover what's in store
I'll give you the eye girl, don't be shy
'Coz that's the way it gotta be baby