Am Asus4 Am Asus4 Em

Am          F
This is not helping me at all
What are you doing here
In the name of God and Love
It's the distribution of fear
Pyramids, healing wines, analysts with fame
I haven't got your degree
And I forgot your name

C              Dm
Pick me up put me on the ground
C                  Dm
Set me up and spin me all around
   F               Am  F         Am (intro thing)
No you are not the one I wish to see

This is not helping me at all
Where did we get this plan?
That you could give to me
What I might already have
Pyramids, healing wines, a musician's fame
I volunteered you my eyes
In place of facing me

Pick me up...

Am  G
        Oh Hitler in a robe of truth
Am  G
        My emptiness has built your alter
Am  G                                    F
        And I've worshiped myself in you forever
Until now...