Guns N' Roses

Intro: G C D G C Cm G Cm Am D
        (G Em Am Cm G Em G C Am D)

 G               Cm          D
I don´t have plans and schemes
      G               Cm           D
And I don´t have hopes and dreams
 G       Cm                Am
I don´t have anything since
I don´t have you
G          Cm               D
And I don't have fond desires and
G        Cm            D
I don´t have happy hours
G          Cm               Am
I don't have anything since
I don't, I don't have you
I don't have happiness and
            Am                     G
I guess I never will again
Am                                G
When you were not on me, in walked on misery
Am                               D
And it's been here since then
(G Cm Am D)
Yeah you're fall
G                Cm
I don't have letters, yeah
And I don't have one who cares
G         Cm                Am
I don't have anything since
I don't have you

(G Em Am D)
You, you, oh oh oh