Am                 Dm
I have never taken life
    Am                    Dm     
Yet I have often paid the price
    Am                            Dm
And you, you are a victim of this age
And the guilt that hangs around your neck
Has got me locked up in a cage
              F        G             Am
You've got to learn to live until no end
                   F        G             E
But first you must learn to swim all over again
        Am               Dm
Because pain lies on the riverside
    Am              Dm   
And pain will never say goodbye
Am               Dm
Pain lies on the riverside
            E                F  G
So put your head in the water
         E                 F  G
Put your soul in the water
And join me for a swim tonight

I have forever always tried
To stay clean and constantly baptized
I am aware now that the river's banks are dry
And to wait for a flood
Is to wait for life

I've got to learn...