I know that I should think about giving
And think about helping out and think about
Think about living
But I can't seem to rescue myself  (2x)

What about my bank account?
       A    B      E
And my holy desert shield
              G#              A
That keeps me dry under the arms
B                                E
Flags and mental jewelry's all I know
                 G#               F#
And they keep me happy and warm inside

So I said unto this man who are you
And where do you come from
And he proceeded to tell me many things
But I said nothing at all
For the flower in the corner by the room
In the window and the sun
Said it all

But what about...

A  (arpeggiate chords here)
At least they said they would
Said they could
Mama said they would
      G#     A
Do me good

I know that I should...