A                C
The world is burning down
          D         A               C   D
Can't you smell the smoke in the air
A                  C         D            A         C  D
War, disease and famine this demon she is everywhere

Poets and preachers and politicians
They've all had their say
And we got 10,000 years devoted
To nothing but tomorrow and yesterday

If all of the ignorance in the world
Passed a second ago
C    D         A
What would you say?
C         D     A
Who would you obey?
I am here to say that
         A    C  D
Peace is now

Mr. President I hereby pardon you for your crimes
For they are just as much mine
Selfishness and seperation have led me to believe
That the world is not my problem
The world is not my problem
I am the world
And you are the world